Sunday, April 4, 2010

A two-Altar household

Two is better than one, right? Well, this is a first of posts featuring of the wonderful altars of a Nydia, a "Brazilian Wiccan Mom," and her son, which I'll post next.

Nydia describes her altar as thus:

My altar lies on my bedroom at my mother's house, where I currently live with my 6-year-old little witch. It has old altar tools that I cherish for years, and it gives me a sense of balance on my unbalanced life these days! I keep this dreamboard over it to remind me of what I want in my life. Here is where I light my candles, my incenses, say my prayers to the gods and feel tuned with my witch side.
You can read more from Nydia on her blog Bringing up Salamanders.

And wait till you see her son's altar. You're gonna love it.